Well after many moons of not posting (I have got a new job and consequently the allotment has suffered somewhat) I have a reason to post. There has been a response to the e-petition regarding the lovely weed killer that has affected so many of us allotmenteers. You can read it here

Let me know your thoughts.

In the meantime I will get my backside in order and get down that allotment!

Will post something soon


Before I forget.. a quick guide to Labelling

I couldn’t resist posting this. At the beginning of the season the kids planted their own peas on the plot and I said that they should label them. I didn’t notice at the time but a couple of weeks later we found this…

All the salient points covered methinks. :)

All the salient points covered methinks. ūüôā


It made us smile anyway. We don’t know what variety it is nor¬†when it was planted,¬†but we do¬†know he likes Manchester United and Ronaldo. Excellent job. ūüôā

A few photos……….

Sungold Tomatoes and unknown flowers

I thought that this looked so pretty that I would post a photo of some of my spoils from the weekend. The sungold tomatoes are so tasty, sweet yet with a lovely tangy aftertaste mmmm.

The weather here has been so dreadful that it seems as all I can do at the moment is harvesting of any fruit and veg that there is, and even this gives me a good soaking, so little progress has been made to the upkeep of the plot. It really is looking in quite a sorry old state I can tell you, much like myself in fact. Here it is as proof.

What a mess!

I have however managed over the past few weeks to cut the potatoes down and the broad bean and pea stalks, ready for burning, though nothing seems to¬†get dry enough¬†for me to do so! I have also sowed some florence fennel for a late harvest. I have also transplanted my leeks, though they are looking like they have evidence of some critter or another…I shall investigate further!

The good news is that my Sungold tomatoes are coming on a storm and the Costoluto Genovese also. 

Sungold Tomatoes

Sungold Tomatoes

Look at this little beauty!

Look at this little beauty!

and the cucumbers, runner beans and courgettes are pretty prolific too.

Not the best specimen (I blame the photographer!)

Not the best specimen (I blame the photographer!)

Too many to count

Too many to count

Very pretty..but enough already!

Very pretty..but enough already!

Hopefully next time you will see a beautifully tended plot with me standing serenely by. Alternatively you may find me amongst a pile of weeds tearing my hair out ūüėČ Watch this space.

Harvested my first runner beans yesterday…

…just thought I’d tell you! (Along with about a million courgettes…why did no-one warn me of this?)

Oh and tasted the sweet nectar of my first sungold tomato (just the one mind).

Plot is resembling a tip at the moment…maybe I should get my friendly neighbourhood tip man to help me dispose of all of the weeds, mess and general detritus that seems to have built up over the last month or so. Somehow I don’t think that he would appreciate that!

Thought I had broken my foot the other day, but all is well (just bruised) so I think I shall take my gammy leg and wander down there today and try to sort it out a bit.

Wish me luck. ūüôā

Overwhelming success?

Well, I never thought I would say this but I am feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment (is this normal?), The combination of heat and humidity has ensured that everything is growing at a rate of knots and I am struggling to keep up, I am ashamed to admit. And despite the fact that we are indeed now enjoying the fruits of our labour, it still continues to seem as though no matter how much labour goes into this affair, it is still never enough.

Every day I pop down to the allotment and do a little pottering;¬†a¬†little weeding here, harvesting there, but when I pop down the next day, there is always something else that needs attention,¬†harvesting or attending to. I can’t keep up. Does anyone have any hints as to how they manage during this season….!?

Things we are eating this week are:


Broad beans

Raspberries (these have now replaced the never-ending strawberries)

Swiss Chard

Salad Leaves

and Beetroot.

The carrots are little baby things now and I couldn’t resist picking some to try. They were pretty good.

 In fact the other week we had a meal where everything (apart from the meat) was from the allotment. A lovely piece of roast beef with horseradish cream (made my own grubby hands), roasted beetroot, baby carrots, broad beans and peas and even some of the first of my main crop of King Edwards roasted with the meat.

I must try and get down there this weekend and have a good sort out. Now that the peas have finished and the main crop have been dug up it means there are two of the planters are free to be planted up with some transpanted cabbages and /or leeks. I also just need a good tidy up and weeding session. Jeremy will be pleased as there is plenty of stuff to burn and the paths need mowing.

I may see you down there…

VegGrower’s Honours List

Honorary mentions go to the following:

Chris and Sam for coming to my assistance when I fainted at the allotment the other week. Thanks to both of you!

All the people that have volunteered their services to the BLAG committee and everyone else who indeed just bothers to turn up!

Another successful BLAG meeting. It turns out that people seem to like the idea of having a website so I have set up another one for the allotment group. It can be found here

The strawberries



Man at tip (who got me compost bin and water butt)

Another butt- thankfully not mine or my husbands this time!

Another butt- thankfully not mine or my husbands this time!

The cucumbers,

cucumbers in flower

cucumbers in flower





Spot the courgette- a game for all the family!

Spot the courgette- a game for all the family!


…runners and broad beans, which are coming along a storm


Broad Beans

Broad Beans

¬†Oh… and Robin (my father in law) – who gave me a lovely bunch of flowers cut from his garden at the weekend

Beautiful peonies (and another flower that I can't remember the name of!)

Beautiful peonies (and another flower that I can't remember the name of!)

That’s about it, I thank you for your services to Veggrower and country.
And  dishonourable discharges go to:
The onions, which seem to be suffering from White rot…..¬†ūüė¶
The Blackfly on my broad beans!



Sunshine and picnics

3rd June 09

..well not so much picnics as stuffing one’s face as one goes along.¬†No not much of the produce I have managed to harvest has made it home alive and¬†after the recent spate of ¬†lovely sunshine, things seem to have been ripening in spades.

I have picked¬†quite a few¬†strawberries now, and despite the fact that I couldn’t wait for them to¬†completely turn¬†red,¬†are so delicious. It does make me wonder what on earth they do to the supermarket ones for them to taste so watery and tasteless, even when they *are* fully ripe? Do they pick them before they are ripe and ripen them with chemicals like they do other fruit and veg?

The peas are so sweet they haven’t made it home yet at all.¬†

Beetroot are picked and sat in the fridge patiently waiting to be roasted.

Tasted our first spring onion too, it was very strong tasting and cleared my nasal passages a treat. 

All salads are being harvested regularly, and have resown some more. The rocket has bolted so this needs replacing with some more.

All of the first lot of tomatoes (sungold) have flowered (two trusses each) and some have mini toms on the way, which is quite exciting.

I think that there are also signs of courgettes and cucumbers on the way, though this may be wishful thinking. I shall keep you posted!

Cox's apples

Cox's apples

The cox’s apples seem to well on the way now.



As do the currants.

The bad news¬†is that some of the onions have started yellowing. They don’t look big enough to be ready so¬†is this normal?

The pigeons have been at it again. Not only did they decimate my brassicas a while back but now they have started on  me peas would you believe. I used to like pigeons.

My carrots that I planted in the planter that I was so proud of have been got at by the slugs.

My new obsession is blossoming methinks….